Congratulations Beatrice Barnes!

January 2020 Staff Spotlight Award Winner - Kids Only IV - Teacher Assistant

Ms. Bea was one of the first ever Kids Only employees - she was one of the first employees to join Kids Only at our first center in 1998. After taking a short break, she brought her loving and caring soul back to the Kids Only family at our fourth location in Kingsville. We are so happy that she has chosen to join us again and volunteer her talents to help us in our goal of high quality early childhood education.

Bea was chosen for this award because of her decades-long dedication to our cause, her relentlessly happy demeanor, her willingness to go wherever she is needed in the best interests of our center and our children, and so much more. The children love Ms. Bea, and she is always happy and smiling when she is with her kids. She is also highly creative and is always sharing ideas and doing things to make the center look happy and cheerful.

We are incredibly grateful to have Ms. Bea back on our team. She is an incredibly valuable team member, and we hope she stays with us for years to come.


How did you first learn about Kids Only?

Back in the time of 1992-1993. I had a job and needed childcare, so I choose ABC childcare. This eventually lead me to Kids Only when they opened in 1998.

How long have you worked at Kids Only?

Started in 1997 during the summer - left many times, returned many times, and came back to KO4 in 2019.

What is your class' name and what age group are they?

Busy Bees - Ages 3-4 years old.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Family time always and mostly. Bowling and fishing are my hobbies.

Describe Kids Only in 3 words or less.

Family. Friendly. Fun.

What do you like most about Kids Only?

Flexibility and learning.

What is your proudest moment at Kids Only

When Tammy McTrusty said, "You're family."


Love Bea

Congratulations Beatrice!


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