Congratulations Stacy Webber!

February 2020 Staff Spotlight Award Winner - Kids Only I - Head Cook


Stacy has been a hard working member of the Kids Only family for almost 13 years. Since she joined us, she has become the head cook at our flagship center in Ashtabula, and oversees the entirety of the food service program. Stacy is an incredibly important part of our center's operation - keeping the children's tummy's full of healthy meals and snacks, and ensuring our compliance with state mandated nutritional guidelines.

When people think of the usual staff members at a childcare center or preschool, they usually think of teachers, teacher assistants and office workers. While these employees are important, there is one integral part of a childcare center that is often overlooked - the kitchen! Kitchen staff are responsible for making hundreds of meals per week, ensuring compliance with state mandated nutritional guidelines, tracking food allergies, and so much more. We are so lucky to have Stacy heading our food service program and ensuring our kitchen matches the high quality of our childcare.

Congratulations Stacy! Thank you for everything you do for the Kids Only family.


How did you first learn about Kids Only?

I saw an ad for a cook in the Star Beacon.

How long have you worked at Kids Only?

13 years in August.

What is your class' name and what age group are they?

I'm the head cook, so I see all the ages.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Travel anywhere I can!

Anything outdoors.

What do you think makes Kids Only special?

The staff.

Congratulations Stacy!


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